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Memphis Arts Engine is a Social Impact Design Firm squarely focused on building out the solutions of tomorrow, today. We believe that high-impact interventions that drive social good right here in Memphis are possible if we take the initiative.

We partner with philanthropies, government, businesses, nonprofits, and highly motivated community experts to manifest place-based solutions and innovations.  Not only do we facilitate Idea Generation, R&D, Micro-Pilots, and Full-Service Buildouts, we are also the engine that powers the solution to and through success.


Why Memphis?


If you look close enough, Memphis has always been the seat of innovation for the globe. Culture has manifested in our back yard thanks to the ingenuity of people who use entrepreneurism and highly sophisticated infrastructures to thrive despite their circumstances. Accordingly, we honor, respect, and are in search of everyday innovations with high impact results.





We believe in the power of people to identify challenges in their environment and radically imagine solutions.  What we know for sure is that time is scarce, resources are limited, and while arts and culture strategies are uniquely positioned to drive change, it takes a firm with the expertise and know how to go the distance to ensure impact.


The arts drive culture

culture drives people.



Our primary innovations are Co-Pilot and our Social Impact Engine

Copilot is our full service consultancy & The Social IMpact Engine is our accelerator



Who are We?
We are you.
Everyday community experts ready to answer the call.



Come with us as we surface blatant and critical challenges and offer real and meaningful solutions that usher in the solutions of tomorrow, today.