Social Impact Engine.


Our Social impact design process Drives transformation.

Our process has feedback loops embedded to ensure our ability to make strategic pivots in real time.


Needs Assessment

We start with our needs assessment. This is our opportunity to take a step back and really understand the problem that we are hoping to solve and the various work streams that need to be attended to in order to have success.


Next, we deep dive into planning.  In collaboration with our partners and beneficiaries, we make space and take the time needed to build a plan that is both real, relevant, and impactful. It is an iterative process and we open ourselves to all the thinking in the room. All of the thinking is good thinking.


Innovation Pilot

And we're off! Individualized, systems level, and global innovations are launched based on the insight we've gleaned thus far regarding both process and approach.


Monitoring and Adjustment

Monitoring and Adjustment not only happens in real time, but also in set times that we have built into the strategy that allows us to really take a step back and take stock of how aligned we are with success (or even if success needs to be reimagined).


Don't take it just from us, we engage external analysts and researchers to dig in to our co-created theory of change to build testable information gathering opportunities and then crunch that into useful feedback for everyone.


Finally, we arrive at success - We take this time to reflect on our engagement to determine what worked and what didn't, and fold that into our learning dashboard for future iterations of strategies on your behalf.  What's next? We jump right back in.